Allergy Check and Homeopathy Centre

My name is Irina Redman. I am a qualified, registered homeopath, iridologist, weight consultant and holistic facial massage therapist. I am also qualified and insured to make natural, organic skincare products.  I am an author of the book ’15 kilos ago or how to get slim again…‘ which is about how to lose weight with the help of healthy eating, homeopathic remedies and easy exercise program.

I am a member of the Association of Natural Medicine, which is not a profitable organization and has a Charitable Status. 

My therapies

My primary interests within homeopathy are hormone imbalances, obesity, sinusitis,  menopause, immune deficiency, allergies, degenerative diseases – MS, ME, arthritis, eczema – and all aspects of longevity – how to live long and feel healthy with the help of homeopathy and a healthy lifestyle.

I work only according to the strict code of conduct.

I have 24 years of experience in homeopathy and my primary concern is your health and well-being. You could call me for a chat without any obligations, or come to meet me in my clinic in Ipswich.
Face-to-face consultations are available in Ipswich Suffolk, Colchester Essex, and the surrounding area.

Allergy testing and homeopathy for East Anglia, Essex, Colchester and Ipswich