Reducing the Risk of Alzheimer’s

Extracts from the lecture delivered by Irina Redman on the 28.03.2015 at the Conference of the Association of Natural Medicine.

One Doctor said that we invest 5 times more money in silicon breast implants and  ‘drugs for men Viagra type’ and in several years we shall have woman with beautiful breasts and men with strong potency but they would not have a clue why on Earth they need it.

Its a good question and very actual and pressing, especially if to remember that in 2013 there were 815827 people with dementia in the UK THIS REPRESENTS 1 IN EVERY 14 PEOPLE OF THE POPULATION AGED 65 YEARS AND OVER.

If current trends continue and no action is taken, the number of people with dementia in the UK  in 2015 will be 856700 and 1142677 people by 2025.

By the way not all people with dementia are properly diagnosed and the figures could be much worse.

These statistic was taken from official Alzheimer’s society web site, and my question is

– what does it mean – no action is taken?

What action could be taken by population, if for the moment there is no cure ? Even more – doctors don’t know exact reasons of Alzheimer’s disease.

Little bit of history.

Alzheimer’s disease sounds now frightening and I was interested when and how it started?

1906, Frankfurt on Miene, Germany.

Young doctor Alois Alzheimer was working in the mental hospital. He noticed a woman who was wondering around wothout any purpose, she did not know where she was or what was the time.

Dr. Alzheimer wrote down their first consultation

– What is your name?

– Frau Augusta.

– Who are you?

– Frau Augusta.

– How old are you?

– 51.

– Where do you live?

– Oh, you have been to our house already.

– Where do you live?

– I am confused.

– Are you married?

– I don’t know. I have a daughter, she is 52, she lives in Berlin.

Frau Augusta died when she was in her early fifties, she was ill for 4.5 years. Postmortem showed rice looking protein plugs in her brain. In 1906 Dr. Alzheimer reported this conversation and his conclusions at the conference of doctors psychiatrists in Germany, that’s how first case of Alzheimer’s was recorded. Now 109 years later there is still no cure for this disease, although doctors know much more about it. Probably its because there is not one reason of Alzheimer’s disease, but many different reasons or their combinations. What doctors do know  its what pathological processes are going on in the brain of AD sufferer.

There are 2 different forms of abnormal proteins that are involved in AD. Beta Amyloid protein build up on neurons and stops transmissions from one neuron to another, Serum Amyloid P Compound is another protein that builds up in neurons, already dead and dying nerve cells contain tangles which are made up of twisted strands of protein. The cortex / part of the brain which is mostly damaged by AD/ shrivels up, damaging areas involved in thinking, planning and remembering. Shrinkage is especially severe in the hippo-campus an area of the cortex that plays a key role in formation of new memories.

Somebody could be ill with AD for as long as 15 – 20 years and would not know about it.

Its because the brain has enormous compensations abilities, so when the AD IS OBVIOUS IT MEANS THAT THE COMPENSATION ABILITIES OF THE BRAIN ARE DEPLETED AND THE DEAD NEURON CELLS HAVE  REACHED threshold level.

Prevalence of AD.

Now dementia is on the 3d place, heart diseases and oncology but in 10 years it will be on the first place.

There are 3 reasons for this

1. we live longer

2. toxicity in the world

3. AD is becoming younger

 How effective are treatment of AD?

the remedies that are used to day could slow down the disease, but there is no cure for the moment.

The treatment of AD should focus on the keeping the neurons active, to do it its important to diagnose the AD as soon as possible and start the treatment as soon as possible.

If to slow down the speed of dying of neurons then its possible that during the life until 90 -100 years the amount of neurons would not fall to the level when the AD is taking the persons life in its hands.

How its possible to diagnose the AD in the very beginning?

Doctors and public should know first signs of AD. For the moment we believe that

Sudden Loss or poor sense of smell


Specific heart problems

Could indicate of the beginning of disease

.  these symptoms separately or all together could indicate  other disease.

Of course there is even more concern if these symptoms go together with loss of resent memories.

There are some blood tests are in the process of development where blood plasma could also indicate first signs of the AD.

.How to slow down the death of neurons?

There is research now about   neuropeptides.

Death of the cell could happen because of many different reasons.

  For example  oxidation stress, there are store of free radicals in the cell which kill the cell.

Antioxidants could help.

  Neuropeptides are molecules from amino acids, they slow down the death of neurons and activate compensation processes. There is research about neuropeptides., they can be made chemically, gene engineering , but they are also produced in the body in different cells esp. in brain cells.

 In Russia there was a drug called semax produced, this drug was given to cosmonauts, but there are side effects and for the moment the research work is going on. 

Stem cells. In Moscow in Dr Ugrumov clinic the research was stopped, as it was gave brilliant result on animals but people volunteers had better result for ½ year and then it was back where it was.


Any other ways to treat AD without drugs?

Its fact –  if to switch off eye sight, hearing and other senses brain will deteriorate quicker.

Physiological training for remembering events, figures facts, in fact from research in our clinic people with early AD, their  AD  stopped several people come back to work. 1.

We don’t know exact reasons or combination of reason but there are some factors that are related to the development of AD.


  1. Age / this is only one reason for certain so far/

after 65

  1. Family history.

 Having a parent or close blood relative with AD slightly increases the risk.

 GENETIC MUTATIONS. Three genetic mutations are known to cause the early onset of the AD.

3. Gender,

 woman are more likely to develop AD.

4. Some medical conditions

 such as high blood pressure, diabetes could increase the risk of AD. About high cholesterol we shall talk.

5. Education.

 Some research showed that there is a link between lower educations and higher risk of AD, other research showed that even very intelligent people could develop the AD.

6. Head injury and head tumors,

 there is link that head injury and head tumors could be related to higher risk of developing of the AD.

7. Toxicity

 with heavy metals. Like aluminum  mercury.

8. The low level inflammation process

 which take place in the brain could be the reason of AD.. Professor psychiatrist from Riga Mr Vladimir Kuznezov considers that AD could be contagious, not AD itself by herpes that many people have on there lips. The herpes virus is the infection that could penetrate into the brain and could start the slow inflammation process that will trigger the build up of amyloidal proteins. This does not mean of course that everybody who had herpes infection in the past will develop the AD, but there was a link between these two diseases.

  1. Poor diet

Diet rich with processed meat,

 cheap sausages,

processed cheeses, white sugar, white flower, white salt potentially could increase the risk of AD.

  1. Lack of vitamins

11.. Smoking Avoid smoking as smokers double the risk of developing AD.

12.. Drugs,

especially sleeping pills potentially could be related to the AD.

     13. Extra weight.
 Study in Neurology online in March 2008 showed a potential link between excessive belly fat among people in their 40 and onset of the AD 35 YEARS LATER. 6583 people were in the study and if waist is 20% more the risk is 3 times more.

What could be done to reduce the risk Alzheimer’s disease?

  1. Anti inflammatory ing. included in the diet turmeric. Aspirin could help with fight against AD
  2. Exercise. Aim is at least 30 min of the aerobic activity such as walking, swimming, cycling, etc.
  3. Mind and body. The theory is that mentally stimulating activities such as reading, playing cards etc. could be very good. It’s necessary to train the brain especially when aging. It could be leaning new language, crosswords, talking to friends, creative writing, leaning new skills, drawing, playing chess.
  4. Fasting. Its possibility that fasting could reduce the risk of AD but fasting could be dangerous.
  5. Diet. Mediterranean diet could be good and important, also green tea, cinnamon and food rich with fecitin
  6. Homeopathy
  7. Supplements. Patrick Holford. Brain food supplement. Lutein. Vit C, E, D, omega 3, resveratrol. Omega 3

Consult professional!

  1. Breathing yoga exercises.
  2. Finger exercises. Look at the internet. There are also some small devises to activate the circulation in the fingers, could be very effective. Please call me for more info.
  3. Singing at least 2 songs a day. Tibetan singing bowl.
  4. Melatonin.
  5. Aromatherapy. Lavenda oil and Melissa pinygrany oil – possibly good.
  6. Alternative medicine and practices like


Light therapy. Music therapy

  1. Dr Kaz SUGGESTS crafty tips
  2. Eat with left hand if you are right handed
  3. Look for new routes going to work or to the shop.
  4. Close your eyes and walk around house but be very careful not to fall.
  5. Try to count pennies in your pocket without looking at it.
  6. Change the interior in your house.
  7. Try to write down your yesterday day in details.
  8. Try to answer the ordinary questions in an unusual way.

How are you?

  1. Maybe bad cholesterol is not so bad.

Please share this information with your friends, lets fight Alzheimer’s disease together.

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