Anybody of any age can use Homeopathic treatment for many different emotional and physical complaints. The fact that homeopathic remedies do not have any side effects or do not cause addiction means that homeopathic treatment can be safely used during pregnancy or for babies. Homeopathic treatment can help many people with different diseases.

Ideally, a homeopath would like to see a patient on a one-to-one basis. However, sometimes this is very difficult or even impossible. In this case, you can use our Online Homeopathic Consultation.

This procedure is very straightforward and only requires four simple steps from you. Please note that your second Follow Up Consultation is absolutely free. More information about this is below.

  • First, please fill in the Initial Enquiry Form. I will analyze this, and reply to you, informing you of what homeopathy can do for you. This step is absolutely free.
  • After recieving the reply, you may decide whether you wish to continue with treatment. You can then make a payment (more details and current fees), and you will be sent a First Consultation Form, to complete via email, which you should fill in carefully and send back. This will be a questionnaire, much more detailed than the Initial Enquiry Form.
  • Please allow two days for me to read your form, from which I will be able to work out your case. I will then send you a reply, stating the course of treatment, and homeopathic remedies will be sent to you (please allow two days for delivery within the U.K.) With the exception of postage, the remedies are included in the initial price of consultation, and are at no extra cost (unless they are to be ordered specially for your case, in which case you will need to pay for them).
  • Normally, the remedies sent will last you between 4-5 weeks (although this can vary, depending on your condition). After your initial period of medication is over, you will then be asked to fill in a Follow Up Consultation Form, which will be sent to you. This is to see how you have got on with the treatment, and whether there are any improvements or changes in your condition. If continued treatment is required (which, in many cases, it may be), you will continue payment for each additional consultation. This fee will be smaller than the initial consultation fee, and as before, the price of the remedies are included in the price.

From here, the fourth step is repeated until you are treated. As stated above, your second Follow Up Consultation (which will be the third you would receive, counting the First Consultation) is absolutely free, with no fee for the consultation or the remedies (with the exception of postage). This is to encourage you to stay on your course of treatment, as often (not always), you will need some patience to see lasting results. I am truly putting your health as my first priority. Further follow-up consultations are priced as normal. There is no contract, and you are able to stop treatment, and consultancy, at any time you wish.

You will also have a phone and email support from me at any time while you are using this service, should you need it. I am only ever a phone call away if you have any queries.

In some cases, homeopathic remedies may need to be specially ordered for you, in which case you will need to purchase them. These are ordered from the internationally recognized manufacturers Heel, or Dr Reckeweg, depending on the remedy. All remedies will be sent by recorded delivery within the U.K., and by special delivery outside the U.K.

Any remedies that happen to be lost in the post will be re-sent once free of charge, however, the postage will need to be re-paid.

If you live outside the U.K., you must check any laws and regulations regarding homeopathy, homeopathic medicine, and its delivery to you by post. I will then send you the remedies by special delivery. The price of the postage may be slightly more expensive than U.K. patients. An alternative is that I send you a prescription for the homeopathatic remedies, but in this case, you will need to purchase them yourself (from a pharmacy that sells homeopathic medicine, or a health shop).

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