Diabetes and Homeopathy

There are different types of diabetes and actually they are different diseases under one name – diabetes.

Diabetes insipidus could be caused by malfunction of pancreas or problems with the pituitary gland. The cause of diabetes insipudus is lack of antidiuretic hormone /ADH/. Pituitary gland produce the ADH and ADH stimulates kidneys to reabsorb water from the urine, if there is deficiency of the ADH in the body then body could lose up to 20 liters of urine a day and a person should drink approximately the same amount.

Other symptoms could be dry moth, thirst, dry hands and constipation.

There are 2 types of diabetes mellitus. Diabetes mellitus or sugar diabetes is a chronic disorder of carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism. The pancreas provides insufficient amount of insulin, cells cannot absorb glucose from the blood because of the lack of insulin and liver cannot store glucose. Glucose get into urine which has to have more water to carry it, that’s why urination is often and person is thirsty.

With low insulin production – it’s difficult to convert food into energy.

Type 1 diabetes is more often in young people. The treatment in orthodox medicine is mainly daily insulin injections.

Type 2 diabetes or insulin non-dependent diabetes is the disease of middle or old age.

Genetic predisposition in this type of diabetes is common. Some other causes could be -extra weight and lack of physical activities. The treatment will include strict diet, physical exercises to reduce weight to the level when pancreas produces enough insulin. If all these measures are not enough your GP could prescribe you some glucose lowering drugs.

Homeopathic constitutional treatment could help in addition to orthodox treatment. You could read testimony from my website, where the patient – young man who suffers with Type 2 diabetes reports that his sugar level dropped.

Coffee and Cholesterol

Several research – believe it or not – suggested that unfiltered coffee that we love so much could increase  bad cholesterol. Just to remind you that unfiltered coffee is a brew where coffee grounds are in contact with hot water for longer period of time, for example the coffee from the cafeteria, also espresso and lovely cappuccino. So called cafestol, one of the compounds of the coffee is guilty in increasing of bad cholesterol.

The good news is that American style filtered coffee when hot water passes quickly through ground coffee and paper filter stop cafestol penetrate into the drink. Of course this type of coffee is a joke for the true coffee lovers.

From the other side, when I wrote an article about Alzheimer disease I found research that declared that actually bad cholesterol is not so bad as it protects from Alzheimer’s but increase the risk of death from the stroke or heart attack. In this case everybody had to choose for themselves whets the best way to stay healthy!

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