Radotech Screening

Our own health is in our own hands, Radotech screening could help you to understand and monitor  your health without going to hospital. Lot of us use smart watch Smartwatch which measure  heart rate and sleep quality. Radotech offers much more. This small device measures the own vital functions in a self scan and to receive a holistic view of the own body. Modern technologies made it possible to monitor your health in real time, it is Japanese  Nakatani’s technology and it is available to everyone. Its a process of measuring  your vital bioenergy in 24 representative acupuncture points on your hands and on your feet before and after some physical exercise . The results will be carefully analysed by medical computer programme and  you will have your own unique picture of organ function – green is normal, purple colour means that there is not enough energy and red means that this system or organ is in hyperactive state.  Look below for the image. This information will help you to identify weak systems of your body and you can improve your health taking care, using some supplements, diet or physical activities for the weak system.