Homeopathy Online

Homeopathy Online is a service which was created to help a larger number of people to achieve better physical and mental health, with the help of homeopathy, through online treatment.

Ideally, a homeopath would like to see a patient face-to-face. However, sometimes this is very difficult or even impossible. This may be because you live in a rural area or a small town, or perhaps you have already tried your local homeopath and simply weren’t happy with the treatment. Modern technology and the internet have given you another chance to improve your health!

  1. Please read how Homeopathy Online works.
  2. Please read the Terms & Conditions for the service.
  3. Please send an email on  [email protected] with the following information about yourself:
    • Your full name;
    • Your age;
    • Your gender;
    • Your condition, illness, or how you would like to benefit from homeopathy;
    • Any medication you are currently taking, and what condition they are for.

This part is completely FREE.

  1. Please allow me two days to read through it, and I will send you a reply, stating whether homeopathy is able to help you, the benefits you could gain from homeopathic treatment and how long approximately  the course of treatment will be.
  2. From this point, we shall begin the online consultation process.

Allergy testing and homeopathy for East Anglia, Essex, Colchester and Ipswich