Weight Consultancy

Having worked as homeopath for 15 years, I’ve come across weight problems many times. Obesity and being overweight are among the main health issues of my clients.

It is a very common mistake to think that you put on weight because you eat too much. If somebody who is fat tells us that she does not eat too much chocolate or ice cream we usually do not believe it.  As a Homeopath I am running a weight loss consultancy and I ask my patients to keep a dairy, writing exactly what, when and how much they are eating. During the last three years I have been analysing this information and have concluded that only one in four or five people who are overweight had this problem because of overeating. This is 20-25%, so what about the other 75- 80%, why are they overweight?

Looking at it from the other perspective there are a lot of people who are eating too much and who are slim. So the very important conclusion is that overeating is not the main reason for putting on weight. Although overeating especially in the evening could contribute to putting on weight. Its mainly wrong eating habits or eating the wrong food in the wrong time.

If you think that  you weigh is becoming your problem, but can not see any problem in your lifestyle, I could consult you on the subject, which includes diet and physical activity analysis, as well as prescription of homeopathy remedies.

As a qualified, registered homeopath, I have counseled hundreds of clients from different countries with weight problems. The result of my research and practical experience is the book ‘15 kilos ago or how to get slim again…’. This book is about creating a new body and soul which is beautiful physically, mentally and emotionally. Successful weight management cannot be done without some changes of your lifestyle, but you will learn how to do it without stress. You will also learn how increase metabolism for real and keep it and how to make the process of losing weight simple and fun.

Consultation can be held on Skype, internet, by telephone land line or by personal visit. Home visits are also available.

We shall discuss in details you general health, medical history, current eating habits, lifestyle and physical activities. Its very important to understand, why you have extra weight. Is your diet wrong? Is it hormonal disbalance? It is your thyroid? During the consultation you will have to answer many questions, and from your answers it will be clear to me where is the main problem.

After analyzing this information I will send you a written dietary plan and a homeopathic prescription. Also I will send you personalized suggestions how to increase your physical activities.

Sometimes just only one consultation could be enough to start new healthier life, sometimes you will need more than one consultation, but its only up to you to decide when you are ready to maintain your health plan on your own. Follow-up consultations are much cheaper than the initial one.