Danger of Estrogen for Men

High level of estrogen is a problem, both for men and for women.
This is primarily because a huge amount of synthetic estrogen affects us in everyday life.

You probably know that there are estrogens in plastic bottles, cosmetics, shampoos and personal care products, coatings on oil-based pesticides and even animal products.
The main negative effect of excess estrogen in the male body is manifested in problems with the prostate and in women – breast cancer.
But the trouble is not only in contact with the environment of environmental estrogens. Due to the impaired metabolism of estrogens, body often produces too much of it, and it directly affects the prostate gland in men and increases the risk of breast cancer in women. Excess of estrogen also prevents weight loss.
Our lives are constantly exposed to the toxic effects of these hormones. Day after day we swim in a sea of dangerous estrogen.
The main question is – how to improve the situation?

  • have a detox of the body
  • improve digestion
  • eat healthily
  • lose weight
  • use phytoestrogens
  • use homeopathic hormone balancing remedies
  • stop as much as possible the conversion of testosterone to estrogen
  • eliminate excess estrogen
  • eat more essential nutrients
  • limit the ingestion of synthetic estrogen

Estrogens are a group of hormones that are produced mainly by the ovaries in women and testes in men, the main of which estradiol (hereinafter simply “estrogen”). For men, they play a major role in sperm production and support bone health. Estrogens are also produced in other tissues in men and women, including fat and the brain.
The amount of estrogen needed for men is very little. But men often have an excess of it in the body for two reasons. Firstly, the enzyme aromatase (adrenal glands produce) located in tissues throughout the body, converts testosterone to estrogen. Aromatase contained in fats, so a complete male estrogen levels above and below the level of testosterone. The good news is that you can block aromatase natural way by eating the right foods or supplements. There are also drugs that slow down the formation of aromatase, and they are used to prevent breast cancer and prostate cancer. But it is better to choose the natural way, without using chemicals.

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