Testing allergies for food, salicylates, dairy, gluten, etc. in Suffolk, Essex, Colchester, Ipswich.

Allergies, intolerance to food, and food sensitivity can show themselves in many different ways, for example as asthma, eczema, hay fever, food allergies, colic, migraines, weight gain, rhinitis, insomnia, diarrhea, constipation, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, hyperactivity, inability to concentrate, aching joints, and many, many others.
Different substances could cause these conditions: dust, house dust mites, feathers, tree or grass pollens, various plants, wool and different synthetic fabrics, metals, amalgam fillings, paints, household cleaners, pesticide residues, side effects of different drugs, many foods, food colourings and preservatives, cosmetics, shampoos, perfume, pets, etc.
Food allergy could be dangerous as it can cause anaphylactic shock, – it is a severe hyper reaction of the immune system which release a massive amount of histamine and other chemical mediators. If you experienced swollen lips or tongue you should consult your GP, this condition is serious and exceed the bounds of this test.
To deal with allergies or food intolerance effectively you have to know what you are allergic to.

What can you be tested for?
You can choose up to 80 different items from the list of over 1100 allergens, this list includes not only common food and drinks, but also different types of viruses, bacterias, amalgam fillings, and other dental materials, candida, preservatives in food, pollen, etc.

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Foods and drinks   You can choose up to  80  items from the following lists of food and drinks.
 There are more than 200 types of bread for sale and 350 types of pasta, I cannot keep all of them, even more –  if somebody has an intolerance to one type of pasta it does not mean that there is intolerance to all types of pasta, it depends upon the ingredients. Because of this there is no BREAD OR PASTA in the list. I test for gluten, different wheat, yeast and I suggest /if you want to be tested and its not on the list/  to bring with you a small sample of bread or pasta or anything else that you eat, or something else / pets fur, dust etc./ you would like to know if there is intolerance or not  – with sample it will be tested. Without a sample if the food is not on the list it could not be tested, I need a sample.
Statistically, people have more allergies/intolerance to the food in list 1.
FA 1    Apple.
FA 2    Apricot
FA 3    Banana
FA 4    Beef
FA 5    Blackcurrant
FA 6    Butter
FA 7    Carrot
FA 8    Cauliflower
FA 9    Celery
FA 10    Cheese, Cow’s
FA 11    Chicken
FA 12    Cod
FA 13    Courgette/Zucchini
FA 14    Cucumber
FA 15    Egg
FA 16    Garlic
FA 17    Grape
FA 18    Ham
FA 19    Hazelnut
FA 20    Honey
FA 21    Kiwi Fruit
FA 22    Lamb
FA 23    Lemon
FA 24    Lettuce
FA 25    Loganberry
FA 26    Marrow
FA 27    Milk, Cow’s
FA 28    Mint
FA 29    Mixed Sweets/ Mixed Candies
FA 30    Mushroom
FA 31    Onion
FA 32    Orange
FA 33    Parsley
FA 34    Parsnip
FA 35    Pea
FA 36    Peach
FA 38    Pear
FA 39    Bell Peppers
FA 40    Pineapple
FA 41    Plaice
FA 42    Plum
FA 43    Pork
FA 44    Potato
FA 45    Prawns
FA 46    Pumpkin Seed
FA 47    Rhubarb
FA 48    Sesame Seeds
FA 49    Spinach
FA 50    Strawberries
FA 51    Sunflower Seeds
FA 52    Tomato
FA 53    Tuna
FA 54    Turkey
FA 55    Watercress
FA 56    One vial containing 78 mixed foods and food additives: almonds, apple, apricot, baking powder, banana, Barleycup, beef, blackcurrant, Brazil nut, bread (white), butter, carob, cashew, cauliflower, cheese. chicken, chocolate, coconut, coffee (instant), corn, egg (raw in shell), flour (white), wheat, ginger, gooseberry, grapes, ham, honey, ice cream (vanilla), lemon, lentils, malt, margarine (mixed), marrow, milk, mushroom, oil (vegetable), onion, orange, peas, peach, peanut, pear, pineapple, plum, potato, raspberry, salmon, soya flour, sugar (beet), sultanas, saccharin, tomato, turkey, vinegar, yeast (bakers and brewers), E102, E104, E110, E123, E127, E142, E223. E330, E500, E621, artificial colours(mixed), sweets (mixed), nuts (mixed), kiwi fruit, loganberry, sugar (icing), coal tar
Carbohydrates, vegetables, fruits, nuts.
  1. Allspice
    2. Asparagus
    3. Aubergine
    4. Avocado
5. Barley: pearl barley
6. Basil
7. Bay Leaf
8. Beans
9. Beetroot
10. Blackberry
11. Blueberry
12. Broccoli
13. Brussel Sprout
14. Cabbage
15. Cardamom
17. Cayenne
18. Celeriac
19. Cherries
20. Cheesecake
21. Chickpea
22. Chives
23. Chocolate Black
24. Cinnamon
25. Clementine
26. Cloves
27. Cocoa
28. Coconut
29. Coffee
30. Instant coffee
31. Coriander
32. Corn: sweet corn
33. Cranberry
34. Cumin
35. Date
36. Dill
37. Fennel
38. Fig
39. Kale
40. Leek
41. Lemongrass
42. Lentil
43. Lime
44. Liquorices
45. Mace
46. Malt
47. Mandarin
48. Mango
49. Maple Syrup
50. Marjoram
51. Melon
52. Millet
53. Molasses, organic
54. Oats
55. Oil: olive
56. Onion, spring onion
57. Olives in brine
58. Oregano
59. Pak Choi
60. Passion Fruit
61.  Papaya

62. Pepper, black and white
63. Pomegranate
64. Pumpkin

65. Quinoa
66. Radish
67. Raspberry
68. Rice
69. Rocket
70. Rosemary
71. Saffron
72. Sage, fresh
73. Soya organic
74. Sherry
75. Spinach
76. Squash, butternut
77. Sugar white
78. Sugar brown
79. Sultana
80. Sweet Potato
81. Tarragon, fresh
82. Tea black
83. Tea green
84. Tea green jasmin
85. Thyme, fresh
86. Turmeric
87. Water Melon
88. Yeast
Fish , meat, sea food
1. Lobster
2. Mussel
3. Monk Fish
4. Mackerel in brine
5. Salmon
6. Sardines in brine
7. Scallops
8. Sea Bass
9. Sea Bream
10. Squid
11. Trout
12. Venison
Drinks, alcohol, other
13. Vodka
14. Wine red
15. Wine white
16. Wine rose
17. Beer
18. Beer & Lager, alcohol free
19. Beer, wheat
20. Campari
21. Champagne
22. Lemonade
23. Coca-Cola
24. Vinegar
A comprehensive list of flour including many gluten-free ones. These vials are only suitable for use by practitioners using kinesiology or an EAV machine.
F FL 01    Almond Flour, Organic
F FL 02    Amaranth Flour / Szarlat, Organic

F FL 03    Barley Flour
Contains gluten.

F FL 04    Buckwheat Flour  .
 F FL 05    Buckwheat Flour, Organic
F FL 06    Cassava Flour
F FL 07    Chestnut Flour, Organic
 F FL 08    Chia Flour
 F FL 09    Chickpea / Garbanzo / Gram Flour
   F FL 10    Coconut Flour, Organic
 F FL 11    Coffee Flour
 F FL 12    Corn Flour/ Corn Meal, Yellow
 F FL 13    Corn Flour/ Corn Meal, Yellow, Organic
 F FL 14    Green Banana Flour
 F FL 15    Hemp Seed Flour
 F FL 16    Lupin Flour, Raw, Organic    .
 F FL 17    Millet Flour
F FL 18    Oat Flour
Normally gluten-free, unless contaminated during processing.
 F FL 20    Potato Flour, Organic
F FL 21    Quinoa Flour, Organic
 F FL 22    Rice Flour, Brown, Organic
F FL 23    Rice Flour, White
F FL 24    Rice Flour, White, Organic
F FL 25    Rye Flour
Contains gluten.
F FL 26    Rye Flour, Dark, Organic
Contains gluten.
 F FL 27    Sesame Flour, Organic
 F FL 28    Sorghum Flour / Juwar Flour / Jowar Flour
 F FL 29    Soya Bean Flour / Soy Flour
 F FL 30    Spelt Flour, Organic
Contains gluten.
 F FL 31    Spelt Flour, Wholemeal, Organic
Contains gluten.
 F FL 32    Tapioca Flour, Organic
F FL 33    Teff Flour, Brown
F FL 34    Teff Flour, Brown Organic
F FL 35    Teff Flour, White
F FL 36    Teff Flour, White, Organic
F FL 37    Tiger Nut Flour
 F FL 38    Wheat Flour, White
Contains gluten.
F FL 39    Wheat Flour, White, Organic, Unbleached
Contains gluten.
F FL 40    Wheat Flour, Wholemeal
Dairy products
MK 01 Milk, Almond MK 02 Milk, BuffaloMK 03 Milk, Coconut MK 04 Milk, Cow

MK 05 Milk, Cow, Organic MK 06 Milk, Cow, A2MK 07 Milk, Cow, Lactose-Free MK 08 Milk, Cow, Unpasteurised/Raw MK 09 Milk, Goat MK 10 Milk, Hazelnut

MK 11 Milk, Hemp MK 12 Milk, Kamut MK 13 Milk, Oat MK 14 Milk, Quinoa

MK 15 Milk, Rice MK 16 Milk, Sesam MK 17 Milk, Sheep MK 18 Milk, Soya

Other.  Sensitivity to –
AIR POLLUTION  Environnemental pollution