Testing for up to 80 different allergens of your choice

Consultation – allergy testing / includes irido analyses/  – £59 – discount price for June 2022 only / usual price is £79/

You will have results of the allergy testing in the end of the consultation.

Shortcut Testing for 10-12 items -£45 / this is testing for allergies intolerance of gluten, milk, lactose, anything you are interested, its limited amount of items/

An initial consultation  includes:

  • Discussing the medical history and specifically the particular problems
  • A non-invasive, accurate, painless allergy test for up to 80 different allergen
  • Immediate results of the testing
  • Irido-analyses
  • Dietary and nutritional advice

Please mind that there is no disabled access to the clinic, which is on the first floor.

Follow-up appointments if needed. The fee is £59

If you live in Ipswich HOME VISITS AVAILABLE  if you live in Ipswich for disabled people.  The extra fee depends upon where you live.

Homeopathic treatment (for eczema, skin problems, arthritis, digestion problems etc.),  is available, and different consultations will be needed.

If you have health insurance please check BEFORE the appointment that your insurance company is covering the consultation of the member of the Association of Natural Medicine.

Terms and conditions. 

Having the consultation for allergy testing you agree with the following: Irina Redman makes no promises, guarantees, representations and or warranties regarding medical diagnosis and or medical treatment, and  neither diagnosing nor treating specific health challenges.

The results of the allergy testing are mainly for your awareness. You are solely responsible for your own medical care.