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HOME VISITS AVAILABLE IN ESSEX AND Ipswich SUFFOLK. If you live in Essex or Suffolk – it’s easy to find out if you have allergies to food or drinks.

Allergy/intolerance testing can be done for babies, children, and adults.

What allergy/intolerance could be tested? I have samples of more than 200 different types of the most common foods (gluten, milk, lactose, citrus etc.) and drink allergens, also different viruses, bacteria, moulds, dental materials,  pollen, environmental toxins, and food additives E numbers. You could also be tested for vitamin/mineral deficiency. You can choose up to 80 different items and they will be tested. 

There are 2 different ways to test allergy/intolerance:

 Kinesiology muscle testing 

 Vega Testing / also known as dr Voll testing/

1. Applied Kinesiology Muscle Testing
It is possible to test allergies, food intolerance and food sensitivity by placing different substances on one hand and then testing the strength of another hand.
Weakness of the muscle is taken as an indication of allergy. The position for the muscle test is –   the arm stretched out in front with the thumb pointing down. Pressure is applied on the top of the wrist to press downwards. If you cannot resist little pressure when for example sample of lactose is in contact with your other hand, it will mean that you have a problem with digesting lactose.

Testing allergies and intolerances by Kinesiology muscle test could be done for adults and also for children and babies of all ages. Allergy testing for babies is surrogate testing.  Surrogate will reflect babies or small child imbalances – allergies, intolerances, –  when they remain in physical contact with each other (usually the mother holds the baby).  In this case, the sample with allergen is in contact with the baby, and the muscle test is done with mother’s hand. 

2.  Vega Testing / also known as dr Voll testing/ is a non-invasive, painless tool that uses the body’s sensitive electromagnetic system against a range of substances to generate a report. The electronic device can measure your body’s resistance to different foods or allergens and according to the readings, it is possible to make an opinion about possible allergies, sensitivity, or intolerance.
The test will give you a shortcut – because usually the food elimination and re-introduction could be a very long process if you do it on your own. The testing procedure is painless and comfortable. I do not take blood or scratch the skin, I simply have to touch your finger to measure your body’s resistance to different foods or substances. There are some conditions when the Vega Testing cannot be done (pregnancy, metal plates in the body, etc.), then the kinesiology muscle test is available, it does not have any restrictions. 

The consultation begins with a detailed discussion of your medical problems, medicinal history & general state of health, then allergy testing will be done and the results explained.

On request, I can send a full list of allergens. 

If you had experienced in the past swollen lips, face, tongue, or throat you had to discuss your possible allergy with your GP, your condition exceeds the bounds of this test and allergy testing cannot be done for you.