Homeopathic desensitisation for appropriate patients is available.

Elimination Programme

Potentially problematic food, drink or other substances should be eliminated. After giving the body rest – usually 4 weeks; they could be re-introduced, but only one after another, NOT two or more different foods at the same time.

Any food that continues to cause a problem should be avoided in future or re-introduced after the homeopathic treatment – usually homeopathic desensitization. Some foods could be re-introduced on a minimal, rational basis. If needed homeopathic desensitization is available, usually this treatment takes between 4 to 6 months. This treatment could be used by everybody including babies, children, pregnant woman or elderly people. Homeopathic treatment does not have any side effects.

Side effects

If you eliminate the food which you have been eating or drinking every day or on a regular basis (e.g. tea, coffee, wheat, milk or any other everyday item) you may find that you have withdrawal symptoms during the first few days of the elimination phase.

These symptoms might last several days and could include headaches, irritability, aching muscles, insomnia or some other unpleasant symptoms.

This will be discussed in detail during the test. I will also give you some helpful information on how to keep a diet diary, how to rotate foods & using alternative foods during the elimination period which is very important as your nutritional status should not be impaired.

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