Consultation:  allergy/intolerance food /drinks test* / up to 80 allergens/  – £75.00
If you want to be tested only for 1 – 12 items the price is £45.

Please note that I do not have a card reader, payment by bank transfer if its immediate transfer or cash.

Testing for vitamins/minerals deficiency cannot be included in the food/drinks allergy testing.

This is separate test.

The price for 20 different vitamins/minerals deficiency is £50

Home visits. I could make a home visit if its impossible for you to come to clinic in Ipswich. You will need to cover petrol cost.
If you have health insurance please check before the appointment that your insurance company is covering the consultation of the member of the Association of Natural Medicine.

*You could be checked for up to 80 different items of your choice

Follow up consultation (if needed) – £75,
or £45 depends upon the amount of items that will be tested.
Should you cancel your appointment with less than 48 hours’ notice, a cancellation fee of up to 50% of the appointment charge will be charged.

Allergy tests and iridology in Suffolk and Essex