Testing allergies and intolerances by Kinesiology muscle test could be done for children and babies of all ages – this is surrogate testing. Sometimes its difficult to test patient if he or she is in pain, or limb is broken, or the child is too small to understand what is needed for muscle testing. In this case surrogate testing can be used. Its possible as a surrogate will reflect patients imbalances when they remain in physical contact with each other / usually mother holds baby/.
The consultation begins with the detailed discussion of your medical problems, medicinal history & general state of health.

The test can be done in two different ways:

1. Applied Kinesiology Muscle Testing

It is possible to test allergies, food intolerance and food sensitivity by placing different substances on the hand and then testing the strength of various muscles.
Weakness is taken as an indication of allergy.
Until recently practitioner was testing food allergy with food in the mouth!Dont worry I would not ask you to put food in the mouth! Using just the Pectoralis Major Clavicular (PMC) muscle which is related to the Stomach Meridian. The position for the PMC test was with the arm stretched out in front of the subject with the thumb pointing down. Pressure was on the top of the wrist to press downwards.
This JUST ONLY ONE muscle was used for testing different foods. Since it was related to the Stomach Meridian, it could be a reliable indicator for some foods, but not all type of food.
Later practitioners developed their own systems started to test foods with the arm held out to the side, parallel to the ground. This position tests the Deltoid muscle which is related to the Lung Meridian, which is not related to digestion but if somebody is eating food that does not agree with him or her then all the body is immediately becoming weak and this weakness show itself in the muscle weakness which is easily identified.

2. Test using Dr. Voll equipment

The electronic device can measure your body’s  resistance to different foods or allergens and according to the readings it is possible to make an opinion about possible allergies, sensitivity or intolerance.
The test will give you the short cut because usually the food elimination and re-introduction could be a very long process if you do it on your own. The testing procedure is painless and comfortable. I do not take blood or scratch the skin, I simply have to touch your finger to measure your body’s resistance to different foods or substances.

After the test you will be taught a simple test that you will be able to do yourself at home to find out if there are any more items that could be causing a problem.

If you had experienced in the past swollen lips, face, tongue or throat you had to discuss your possible allergy with your GP, your condition exceed the bounds of this test and this test cannot be done for you.

You cannot take the test if using Dr. Voll equipment if:

  • you have metal plates;
  • you have a pace maker;
  • you wear braces;
  • you have poor health and use a lot of prescribed medications, have skin rash, odema or some serious diseases for example epilepsy or diabetes;
  • you use warfarin;
  • you are pregnant;
  • you are a baby;
  • you have a cold or flu on the day of the consultation.

If you have any of the above conditions  your allergies or intolerance  could be tested with the  applied kinesiology muscle test which does not have any restrictions.

This test can not  be used instead of the professional expertise of doctors.

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