About me and testing.

My name is Irina Redman. I am qualified registered allergy testing practitioner. In 2018 I had obtained the professional BSY allergy testing and treatment diploma with distinction. I can help you to identify and treat your allergies and interference.

There are two different ways I could test your allergies/intolerance.

With equipment – Vega test, its also called Dr Foll equipment or via kinesiology muscle test.

Why I was interested in finding allergies/intolerance via applied kinesiology Muscle test? Kinesiology is part of alternative medicine, it is holistic therapy and in spite of all criticism it exists for more than 60 years helping people. Just think how many drugs were considered to be harmful during last 60 years and taken off the shelf because of side effects. Kinesiology does exists all these years  because it is harmless and effective tool in finding allergies/intolerence  and unbalances in the body. I myself  had intolerance to oranges and turkey and it was found out with kinesiology muscle test.

Kinesiology provides unique technique for finding out what is really going on inside, within your body. Whatever is going on underneath the top layer is reflected in health generally and in the case of food, may manifest itself as intolerance to certain types of food. As a study of movement, it examines muscle response to understand –  what is happening underneath the surface.

The basic principle of diagnosis and treatment in applied kinesiology is based on the interaction of the peripheral nervous system and the condition of internal organs.

Without going into details, applied kinesiology is a universal diagnostic method, the main tool of which is a manual muscle test.

How does a manual muscle test work?

In classical neurology, there is a tendon reflex of short-term muscle strain, when a neurologist, when a hammer hits a muscle tendon, receives an answer in the form of its contraction. This test is performed when the patient is relaxed and the test muscle is at rest.

In applied kinesiology, the same testing mechanism is used, only we try to give tension to the tested muscle in the form of resistance to pressure.

Thus, we force the nervous system to experience stress, as it must support the muscle in constant contraction. Next, the practitioner makes a short-term pressure increase (analogue of a blow to the tendon with a hammer) and asks the patient to resist. If the nervous system can withstand the load, then there is an increase in muscle contraction – in this case we are talking about normotonus.  When the allergen is put in contact with clients hand and the muscle does not increase contraction, then the nervous system cannot give an adequate response and weakness occurs, then we are talking about hypotonus. If the muscle became weak, it means that there is allergy / intolerance to the allergen with was put in contact with clients hand.

I am a qualified & registered Homeopath; Member of the Association of Natural Medicine. I work at my own clinic in Ipswich, Suffolk. I also work in Colchester, Essex.

    • I graduated from the College of Practical Homeopathy in London Finchley in 1998 and since then have been working full time as a Homeopath in Colchester, Essex.
    • In 1999, I graduated from the Plaskett Nutritional Medicine College, and became a fully qualified practitioner in iridology.
    • In 2011 – 2012 I successfully completed courses and qualified to make different skin care products with the company Aromantic natural skin care.
    • In 2018 I obtained  with distinction in Allergies testing and Treatment  the professional BSY allergies testing and treatment diploma

If in past you had experienced angioenema / swelling/  you had to discuss it with your GP.
Angioedema is swelling underneath the skin. It’s usually a reaction to a trigger, such as a medicine or something you’re allergic to.

It is not normally serious, but it can be a recurring problem for some people and can very occasionally be life-threatening if it affects breathing. If you think that some allergies were affecting your breathing, because of the swelling of the tongue or neck, you should have allergy test done in hospital.

Treatment can usually help keep the swelling under control.

Also please KEEP IN MIND:Developing adult-onset allergies — from seasonal allergies to food allergies — is possible no matter how old you are. Allergies develop when your immune system mistakenly identifies a substance such as pollen, mold, animal dander, or food as harmful. That substance is referred to as an allergen.
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Allergy tests and iridology in Suffolk and Essex