Test your allergies for food, salicylates, dairy, gluten, etc. in Suffolk, Essex, Colchester, Ipswich.


Allergies, intolerance to food and food sensitivity can show themselves in many different ways, for example asthma, eczema, hayfever, food allergies, colic, migraines, weight gain, rhinitis, insomnia, diarrhea, constipation, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, hyperactivity, inability to concentrate, aching joints, and many, many others.

Different substances could cause these conditions:  dust, house dust mites, feathers, tree or grass pollens, various plants, wool and different synthetic fabrics, metals, amalgam fillings, paints, household cleaners, pesticide residues, side effects of different drugs, many foods, food colourings and preservatives, cosmetics, shampoos, perfume, pets, etc.

Food allergy could be dangerous as it can cause the anaphylactic shock, – it is a severe hyper reaction of the immune system which release massive amount of histamine and other chemical mediators. If you experienced swollen lips or tongue you should consult your GP, this condition is serious and exceed the bounds of this test. Most common foods which could cause allergic reaction are peanuts, shellfish and some other foods.

To deal with allergies or food intolerance effectively you have to know what you are allergic to.

What can you check?

You can choose up to 100 different items  from the list of over 1100 allergens.  Allergens will be tested gently without a blood test. Amalgam fillings, candida, hormonal disbalance and of course different pollen’s, foods or drinks could be checked for you. EVEN BABIES COULD BE TESTED FOR ALLERGIES.

Advice about harmless personal care products which are free from chemicals will be given. Your eating habits and lifestyle will be discussed, and the advice about a proper diet will be given.

You can drink water but you cannot eat for 2 hours before the test.

How long does the Test take?

Usually between one hour and two hours, but not more than two hours.
Home visits available for clients with disability /for small extra fee/

 How much does it cost?

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Allergy tests and iridology in Suffolk and Essex